What a Month!

My main focus for the past month was going to be all about the High Cascades 100.  Unfortunately life sometimes throws a HUGE wrench in your plans.

Just before 8AM on July 7th while making breakfast and watching the Tour de France our washing machine had a disastrous failure of a drain hose.  Dumping a full load of water all over our second floor laundry room and then continuing to dump water while the wash tub filled up with the next cycle.

W.T.F. ????

Not sure I have ever felt as helpless about something so trivial in my life.  This disconnected hose is not something a home owner would ever even think to check.  It’s not external to the machine.  It isn’t something that a homeowner attaches or has any part of any installation process after leaving the factory.  It is inside the washing machine!  I honestly cannot believe that little “pinch clip” and what looks like glue residue is what was supposed to keep that hose attached.  Why the hell LG doesn’t use a hose clamp on that hose is absolutely beyond my ability to comprehend.

I have to give total credit to both Servpro and State Farm Insurance at this point.  I was on the phone with State Farm by 8:45 and Servpro was at our house before 10AM on a Sunday.  They spent over 10 hours at our house setting up fans, dryers and heaters.  Also ripping up carpet, linoleum, wood flooring, and cutting a hole in our first floor ceiling.  I don’t blame them for any of the subsequent “damage” to our house.  It was their job to make sure the house is dry and that there is no chance for anything to grow later.

Temperature inside our house after 3 days of fans, dryers and heaters

Mia and I were both pretty much shell shocked by Sunday evening.  This is our BRAND NEW house, it’s only 7 months old, the washing machine was also only 7 months old!  Never in my worst case scenario did I think something like this was in the cards for us.  This is exactly why I personally despise second floor laundry rooms.

Mia, Codi and I ended up sleeping in our tent in the backyard for four nights.  Not only was it impossible to sleep inside the house because of the fans but the heaters and dryers made it impossible to even contemplate it.  Luckily the weather was on the cooler side for the week.  We did have one overnight of rain and even after almost 20 years that tent is still quite waterproof.  We ended up having to crate Codi in the garage during the day while we were at work and we basically hung out on the patio in the backyard during the evenings until crawling into the tent to sleep.

It’s been three weeks today since the “Great Laundry Flood of 2019” has occurred and so far things are progressing somewhat okay.  I’ve got a warranty claim going with LG, I firmly believe they are at fault here and if State Farm finds them at fault our deductible will be waived (basically State Farm will go after LG for the expense).

So far total costs associated with cleanup and estimated repair put us at just over $20,000!  It’s freaking crazy how much damage was done in about 20 minutes.

I’m hoping that we can be back to our “normal” lives by mid September.  Fingers are crossed.

In other news….I did end up racing the HC100.  Well, riding may be a better term.  I was originally hoping for a 10 hour time but that was probably a bit over ambitious given the stress of the previous two weeks.  I also kind of hit the wall around mile 80.  Those last 20 miles were rough.  Hindsight says I should have eaten more earlier and maybe geared down to a 30 ring in the front instead of the 32.  I took the first 50 miles pretty easy and felt good.  The 13 miles from mile 43-56 were rough.  That is where I wish I had a slightly easier gear.  It was basically all uphill.

Believe it or not I have already caught myself saying in my  head “next time….” so if that next time is 2020 or 2021 remains to be seen.  Not 100% sure I will spend next year racing or not.  There are some more “adventure” type rides I want to do and also just go hiking, camping and a few other things…..we shall see.

I spent about 2 hours here the evening after the race

Thanks for reading,


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