COVID-19 Wk 11: Another Extension

Good news and bad news (well more annoying than bad) for me personally this week. My county, Washington County, enters Phase 1 of “reopening” starting Monday June 1st. There is some trepidation on my part. Are people going to go crazy? Will people be considerate and follow the rules? Given my feelings on humanity in general lately I feel the first one is more likely.

The bad news is that for my job we’ve delayed opening to the public until June 22, adding two weeks to the original plan. Basically we’re just not ready yet and there are a lot of moving pieces to pin down. I don’t envy our executive leadership right now.

I took a chance today to head out for a good bike ride up into the hills surrounding Portland. Skyline was packed with cyclists today. I think half the riders in PDX must have been up there today. One of the reasons for my route choice was to eventually drop down to the Helvetia area to check out the supposedly haunted Dick Road train trestle. There is even a Facebook page dedicated to it.

Other than it being really imposing as you stand under it I didn’t see or feel anything weird. I do dig a good urban legend though. The trestle itself is kind of a cool bit of engineering if you ask me.

Dick Rd Trestle
Photos don't really capture the scale

Heading out this way also brings me by the famous Helvetia Tavern and the Roloff Farm. Yes, those Roloffs. I cannot tell you how many times I have ridden by here on my bike and seen tourists taking selfies in front of the sign.

Just past Helvetia Tavern

Lastly, this week’s quarantine kitchen brings you another recipes based food that needs to be used. We had some bananas that had to be used, two of the three were super ripe and not going to last too much longer. I found this recipe from my go to site

Ripe bananas, eggs and butter
Crazy simple to make
60 minutes and she is done
Still warm!

Verdict: It’s good. Not as dense as banana bread, bit more fluffy and definitely moist. I followed the directions 100% plus added vanilla, cinnamon and some nutmeg. Not sure why a lot of these “Grandma” recipes that I have been finding don’t have any additional spices. I’m not afraid to doctor it up though.

Thanks for reading,

5 Comments Add yours

  1. adventurepdx says:

    I need to get out to that Trestle!
    But when you said “yeah, those Roloffs”, I first thought, “You mean, the German 14 speed internally geared hub?” 😉

  2. Margaret Comire says:

    Hi Peter: I’m amazed at how many adventurous places that you explore….Sure looks like fun….And that Banana dessert looks so yummy….I must say, you are quite a talented baker….Lots of things & places are opening up around here & Bob & I are not convinced that this is not quite over….We need to shelter in for 2 more weeks but yet the governor is allowing establishments to open up….Now this is not making sense to me….I believe the governor and his cohorts are being forced to do this by the public as the public is getting impatient with being sheltered in….
    We have not yet been able to visit my Mom….This has been difficult for my sister & I…The rules have been strict but they are the only Nursing Home that has been free of the virus….
    The ring you bought Mia for her birthday is gorgeous….You have such good taste….Well, thats it for now….Enjoy and keep baking all those yummy goodies…
    Love, Maggie & Bob….

  3. stasia:) says:

    oooh, I’d never heard of that trestle! It looks rad:)

    I’ve been having fun setting and carrying out little bike adventure missions for myself; I probably need to add that to the docket:)

    1. Onrhodes says:

      And you can hit up Helvetia Tavern if you wanted. They’re open again. Not sure about rock creek tavern.

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