COVID-19 Wk 12: Some Me Time


The whole COVID-19 thing came screaming into Oregon in the middle of March. Mia and I had just spent three days in Cannon Beach while there was a big push to finish off the repairs to our house from the Great Laundry Flood of 2019. Since that time we have both been flat out at work. I decided to take a “Mental Health Day” from work on Friday.

My favorite adventure machine

With Mia working I opted for a nice long bike ride. The goal was to do a century (100 miles) and be back home before 2pm so I could take Codi out for a walk. I’ve got a route that takes me up to Vernonia via the B-V Trail and then over through Timber and back Gales Creek Rd before heading out for a loop along the flats paralleling Chehalem Ridge.

I like to hit the B-V trail part early to avoid any crowds. Especially if I am doing this on a weekend. Being a Friday I wasn’t overly concerned. I tend to stop in Vernonia for a coffee and baked good.

Don't mind if I do

Following Timber Road to cross highway 26 tends to be fairly quiet. It’s a road that doesn’t really get anyone anywhere fast. I got passed by some trucks, 2 motorcyclists and maybe one or two other cars the whole way.

60 miles in. Water, salt, eletrolytes

For me doing a ride like this solo is just a great time to reset the mind and pedal away stress. I don’t need to worry about anyone else. I can go my own pace and stop (or keep going) whenever I want.

All in all it was a fantastic day. I got home just before 2pm, took CB out for his walk and vegged on the couch for maybe an hour before Mia got home and we took Codi out for another walk. Not a bad day!

Sunday fat biking

Took the Trek Farley over to Hagg Lake on Sunday too. I hadn’t been on this bike since the middle of February and it was long past due for a little jaunt. The forecast was for showers and gusty winds for a good part of the day. As I have said numerous time before, when it is windy, I like to head into the woods! Never got rained on either so huge bonus there.

Cheddar and Jalapenos

For a recipe this week I step away from the sweets and head into the savory. I took the basic King Arthur biscuit recipe and doctored it up with cheddar and jalapenos. I’m trying to branch out from the things that I know I do well. I want to up my game on the bread and flaky pastry front. If I can master croissants some day I will be pleased.

Not difficult to make at all
Not too shabby looking

I used three jalapenos and no idea how much cheese. About half the block pictured above. I’d probably increase the cheese by another 50% when I do it again. Perhaps garnish the top of each biscuit the last 2-3 minutes of baking.

Quality control check

I can’t wait to have one of these with some eggs on Monday morning.

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Margaret Comire says:

    You are getting to be quite the good cook….

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