Offrhodes Posts Again: Running for Alzheimers

Very long time, blogging is not my thing. Mostly Instagram posts, but this past weekend for the Summer Solstice we ran a virtual relay “RAGNAR” style for the Alzheimer’s Association challenge of the Longest Day “The day with the most light is the day we fight”. 10 of us Scattered throughout MA and NH, and 2 even in Brazil. This post is going up to basically say PLEASE DONATE (click link below)

I started as the first runner at 7:45am on Saturday and finished with my third run on Sunday morning at 5:45am. Oh, did I forget to mention that I started Saturday with a 30 mile gravel ride and have not run since somewhere around the end of February or beginning of March. I have just been riding my bike…a lot. So fitness is there, just not running fitness. Thanks to the Shannon, Pam, David, Melissa, Jeff, Corrine, Derrick, Travis, Joyce, Hilary, and Steve for suffering in the 90+ degree heat and insane humidity to help with this fundraiser. Most thanks to my wife, Shannon, for putting the whole thing together. Next year I would rather do a long bike ride like Pete, running hurts.

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