COVID-19 Wk 15: RIP Grammy Dot

It is with a heavy heart that I write of the passing of Mia’s grandmother Grammy Dot. She was 103 years old and to me epitomized the feisty French Canadian women that Manchester and Nashua are known for. She loved her Boston Bruins and a good card game of scat (31). She took no prisoners and showed no mercy during those card games. Didn’t matter if you were her daughter, granddaughter (granddaughter’s husband too) or great grandson if you didn’t watch out she’d out play you and end up with the whole pot for that round. She was the second youngest girl in her family and one of thirteen children.

Mia, Martha, Grammy Dot, Kristi, Keith (L-R)

Mia was just reminiscing abount her summers at her grandparent’s beach house in Hampton, NH. She said I should make sure to mention Brandon O’Rourke…..inside joke between Mia and her cousin Kristi.

I met Grammy Dot about 3-4 weeks after Mia and I started Dating. I swung by Mia’s place when she was living above her grandparents and ended up beating her there. I spent maybe 20-30 minutes chatting with Duke and Dot and Mia tells me that I earned major kudos with them that day.

R.I.P. Grammy Dot the world lost a good one today.

The COVID-19 situation makes it a very difficult decision about going back to New Hampshire for the funeral. Oregon has just had its third consecutive day of over 200 new covid cases. There are several high risk people in Mia’s immediate family and the thought of getting on a plane to fly back to NH and come in contact with God knows what…’s just plain scary and it just plain sucks! Right now we’re leaning heavily towards staying here as much as it pains us. It’s a crappy decision to have to make no doubt about it.

I do have a recipe for this week. I feel a bit odd even writing about it with the message above. However I would like to honor Grammy Dot by staying true to the theme of COVID-19 posts and keeping the tradition of COVID-19 recipe posts going.

I’ll start with a bit of back story. I’m fascinated by food science and the mass production of food too. If I had known things like Food Science existed as jobs maybe I would have chosen something else besides accounting to study in college. Anyways, Mia sent me this article about why most Americans stink at making biscuits. It didn’t take me very long to jump on Amazon and pay 3X the price for the White Lily flour mentioned in the article. If you don’t click the link above you won’t know why this is the key ingredient…….

Cannot find this in my local grocery store
The secret

I used the recipe right on the back of the bag. I did get a bit hippie and ignored the Crisco recommendation and went with some organic vegetable shortening after reading some other recipes online. This is now the third weekend in a row I messed around with biscuits and I gotta say that these came out the best so far. I still need to perfect my skills a bit more but man these were super simple.

Hippie vegetable shortening
mixed until just combined
8 minutes in the oven

I ended up cooking them for 8 minutes. I probably could have gone another minute more to get a bit more of a golden hue. I still think they came out great though. I am impressed.

Jam on one half and butter and honey on the other

I used a drinking class to cut out the biscuits since we don’t have a biscuit cutter. Maybe I’ll acquire one in the future but the glass approach worked well enough.

Thanks for reading, -Pete

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  1. stasia:) says:

    😦 Sorry about Grammy Dot and the shittiness of trying to safely think through funeral and family logistics.

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