COVID-19 Wk 24: Vacation

Normally Mia and I would have spent our vacation taking a trip someplace. More than likely up to the Methow Valley to hike, bike, swim and chill. This year however we decided to stay closer to home and do day trips and at the same time try to get some little things done around the house. I’m going to try to summarize our vacation in photos with a few brief descriptions.

At times it was definitely possible to forget that COVID was even happening right now. Spending so much time in the woods away from crowds was just what I needed.

Saturday – Day 1

Heading out for a 120 mile bikepacking loop with Dean

As I wrote about last week, Dean and I did a three day bikepacking loop from Estacada.

Sunday – Day 2

Anaxshat passage
Day 2 of our trip saw us chilling at Little Crater Lake CG

Monday – Day 3

On my 3rd day I was still biking

Dean and I wrapped up our trip back in Estacada mid-afternoon and I was home with Mia and Codi by 5pm.

Tuesday – Day 4

Spent a lot of time here on Tuesday

Besides doing laundry of stinky bike clothes. I cleaned my bike, removed all the bags and spent some time chilling on the couch reading and watching TV.

Wednesday – Day 5

Thomas and Blue Lake Gifford Pinchot
Hiking with my one and only (and Codibob)

Mia and I headed up to the Indian Heaven Wilderness to pick wild huckleberries and hike out to Blue Lake.

Thursday – Day 6

Cannon Beach Oregon
Spent several hours at the beach

Mia, Codi and I headed to one of our favorite coastal towns, Cannon Beach, for a pleasant “hike”. It was busy but not crazy.

Friday – Day 7

For day 7 I ended up assembling this

We’ve long been meaning to get some extra storage in our guest bedroom. Instead of a bureau or chest we gave future guests a 37″ TV with Amazon Fire Stick and gave ourselves a place to store books and stuff.

Saturday – Day 8

Soda Peaks Lake Hike
Trapper Creek Wilderness

We hiked up in the Trapper Creek Wilderness to a very pleasant lake so Codi could go swimming. Ended up chatting with some very nice folks and Codi got to meet Fresno the dog who was also a rescue.

Sunday – Day 9 (last day……..)

Rode my bike and didn’t take any pictures

I rode my bike for only the second time this week. Legs were a little tight from hiking but still nice to get out and enjoy the super awesome weather.

I won’t lie. I am not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. I’d much rather continue this streak of hanging with Mia and Codi!

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Margaret Comire says:

    Happy to hear that you, Mia & Codi had a nice vacation to some interesting places….Vacations are really nice but when Sunday rolls around and you know what follows on Monday, it’s not so nice….Codi must have been happy to have you home with him all day….Thanks for sharing your pics and keeping in touch….

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