COVID-19 Wk 27: Take a Deep Breath

It’s been one hell of a week! There is really no other way to put it. Between the Oregon Wildfires, COVID and the death of Justice Ginsburg 2020 continues to hands down be the winner of suckiest year of my lifetime.

Air quality was so horrendous this week in our area that our garbage service and HOA landscaping didn’t happen. My work told those who can work remotely to please do so and the two construction projects near my office were closed down for 2-3 days too. Thursday night there was light showers at our place. Lightning and thunder made for a rare, but pleasant, evening too. I sat outside and listened to the rumbling all around us. Fingers were crossed that the lightning didn’t start anymore fires though.

Finally on Friday afternoon we received a good solid dumping of rain. The video I took above was early in the storm. Maybe 10-15 minutes after I took this video it was just pouring out. Cats & Dogs dumping! The air quality dropped from an unhealthy range in the 200’s to an AQI under 100.

10 days of smoke was tiring
Blue sky
Blue sky! We missed you!!!!

The death of Justice Ginsburg was shocking for so many reasons. She was only the second female supreme court justice and she helped advance women’s rights throughout her lengthy career. I get why people are worried and I get why people are upset over her loss. I just ask that everyone take a deep breath and know that we will all make it through these trying times.

It didn’t take long for Mitch McConnell to prove that he’s a massive hypocrite. I’ve stated more than once that I lean conservative (I call myself a moderate). However this move is just out right bullshit. When President Obama had every right to bring forward a supreme court nominee towards the end of his presidency, McConnell and other republicans did everything they could to stall the vote and insist that the new administration should make the pick. Now just four years later McConnell insists the the current President should make the appointment. It boggles the mind. I don’t know what else to say.

I’m cutting it fairly short this week. It’s been a wild one and here is to hoping that some form of “normal” comes soon. With an election just around the corner I feel that is just wishful thinking……..

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