COVID-19 Wk 28: Fall is Here

I feel like there should be some sort of reference to 28 Weeks Later. At least in the movie the rage virus had been somewhat contained or maybe better said people where “safe” behind the quaratine zone. With COVID I still feel the best thing is to avoid contact with too many people and stay at home as much as possible.

As September comes to a close the news around the upcoming election is heating up. I’m already fed up with political ads. If I see one more Carolyn Long ad I’m going to freak out. I can’t even vote for/against her because she’s running in Washington! Her ads feel like every third commerical at this point. The joys of watching the news on a TV station that caters to PDX metro and Vancouver, WA.

Sleep number
New mattress

In the category of “things nobody else cares about”. Mia and I finally got our new Sleep Number mattress on Friday. Now to spend a couple weeks trying to find that perfect number and maximize the “sleep score”.

We’ve got a bit of late summer weather making a comeback this coming week. Temps are supposed to be in the low 80’s. I’ll take it! After almost one third of September spent in a smokey haze it has been nice to see a little bit of rain the past few days and then this Sunday’s weather has been almost perfect.

Late September
Codibob has been super happy with the nice weather making a comeback
Late September
My Mums appreciate the cooler weather too
Late September
Fun time on this on Saturday

Given the rain on Friday and into early Saturday I was expecting the singletrack around Hagg Lake to be a mess as I headed out that way. I had it in my head that if the trails were soupy I would head off onto the gravel roads and down into Cherry Grove before heading home. As luck would have it though the trails were in great condition. There was a lot of debris (sticks, leaves, pine needles) in the trail and the roots were super slick. The dirt itself was still rock solid from a summer of baking. I finished the loop around the lake with only a few small soft spots. I know that won’t last for long though.

Late September
lake is wicked low right now

It’s also time to get back to a recipe. Back when I started writing about COVID and doing recipes it was because I had some canned pumpkin that needed to be used. I’m finally using up the final can and now that fall is here it is time to stock up with more pumpkin puree anyways.

Pumpkin doughnuts
Last can in our stockpile

I’m an aficionado of donuts/doughnuts plain and simple. Today were making some pumpkin doughnuts from King Arthur Flour. This is a baked donut and not a fried one….so maybe they are “healthier”?

Pumpkin doughnuts
crazy quick and simple batter
Pumpkin doughnuts
Who doesn’t own a doughnut pan or two?

The official recipe calls for a cinnamon sugar coating. I ended up doing a few that way and a few with a simple glaze of vanilla, confectioners sugar and some skim milk.

Pumpkin doughnuts
Fresh out of the oven
Pumpkin doughnuts
simple glaze
Pumpkin doughnuts
cinnamon sugar

Not too shabby for a baked donut. They are pretty tasty fresh out of the oven.

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