COVID-19 Wks 40 & 41: Merry Christmas

I’m combining last week and this week into one post. Not much going on except the holidays and work. It’s still been relatively quiet (no complaints at all). Both Mia and I have been laying low, finishing up Christmas shopping and working.

When the weather has been acceptable I’ve been doing long walks at lunch and checking out a couple connections using city built MUPs (multi-use paths) to connect neighborhoods. State law requires 1% of expenses related to capital projects to go towards art. Some of what we have around town is kind of meh if you ask me. However there are some cool ones too. The bronze coyote near my office is pretty neat and then I just noticed the two beavers along the hall creek path the other day.

When it has been pissing down rain I’ve been working on my cycling fitness for 2021.

Random December
The inside torture device

I do have to admit that training with power on a smart trainer and using makes it bearable. I like having a specific workout. It’s get on, get off. No farting around. The whole video game aspect and “social media” side of zwift has zero appeal to me.

I have no idea what 2021 has in store for racing. Will I be able to race any mountain bike races this coming year? Will the Skull 120 be postponed again? I did just recently find one event that has me pretty interested. It’s so far out of anything I have ever done before that it really has piqued my curiousity. The North Central Washington 250 really appeals to me for some reason. It’s the weekend after the skull 120 which is a bit concerning, I’m already registered for The Skull so that takes precedent. The idea of shooting to do 250 miles in two days or less (I hope) has captured my interest though. I’m a little familiar with the area that it covers. Not riding but just from passing through there on our annual trips to the Methow Valley. Late June could be hot hot hot or temps could be perfect. I’ve got several months to continue pondering the possibilities…..we shall see how things develop on the COVID front and fitness in general.

Stanky workout wear

One of the side effects of riding inside is sweating my butt off in the garage. That has led to some lingering stink in my cycling clothes that no amount of washing has seemed to be able to fully eliminate. Mia found the below “recipe” for removing The Stink for your workout wear. I did all my cycling bibs and the techwick tops I wear while on the trainer. Initial impressions are that it works well.

Random December
Use this approach to remove the stank from your workout wear

Lastly I got to get out with John the Brit for a bit of mixed surface adventure. As often happens on my rides our 3ish hour ride turning into just over 4 hours total. John and I didn’t exactly hammer the loop. This time of year I don’t feel we need to be pushing deep into the red. The Long Slow Distance approach works for me. Weather was perfect, gravel sections were not super wet or muddy either.

Christmas weekend 2020
watching cows and eating snacks
Christmas weekend 2020
cows taking full advantage of the sunny conditions
Christmas weekend 2020
Nice enough today for just a long sleeve jersey

2021 is right around the corner. Here is to hoping that the bullshit of 2020 is in the rear view mirror. While the year hasn’t been personally horrible it has definitely been one that didn’t really meet much of my original plans/expectations thinking back to twelve months ago.

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