COVID-19 Wk 43: Chaos

I’m not sure I need to write much about what happened on January 6th, 2021. My only comment is I am looking forward to January 20th. My only other comment is this is not the Republican Party that I grew up with. Blame the Tea Party, Blame Trump. I think the GOP has to pause and really address what it wants to represent going forward. They’re quickly losing (heck….they’ve already lost) the more moderate of us.

Revelate Designs Mag-Tank

Revelate Designs Mag-Tank Bolt-on

I have a couple top tube bags that I’ve acquired over the past 6-7 years. They fit fine on my steel bikes with plenty of room for the top tube straps to fit around the tube and secure the bag. However with both my Salsa Cutthroat and Salsa Timberjack the junction of the top, down and head tubes is so tight that the straps are not long enough to secure the bag, the joys of being a short guy. So I finally picked up a Mag-Tank in the bolt-on version. The Cutthroat comes with bolts for the exact purpose.

Notice the lack of space at the head tube
snack storage

The bag capacity is only about one liter. I was able to fit a gel, clif bar and an 8″ tortilla wrap with peanut butter and nutella for my 3.5 hour ride yesterday. There was room for more too.

What really impressed me was the magnetic closure. Opening and closing this bag is so much easier than the zipper style bags. I find that tugging on a zipper the bag can shift a little and opening the bag requires a bit more attention. Opening the Mag-Tank on the fly is almost mindless.

I also found that my knees would rub the sides of the bag during standing climbing. Not the end of the world and the exact same issue exists with the other two bags I have. The only other slight complaint might possibly be that this bag takes a bit more effort to add and remove. For now I am just going to keep it mounted to the Cutthroat.

Late arrival for Christmas

I had ordered a gift for Mia kind of late in December. I knew it wouldn’t make it in time for Christmas but it did show up Friday.

To help Mia remember our anniversary date

So there is a bit of the sappy component to the gift (I love my wife). There is also the constant reminder for Mia. My mind works well with math and I always remember our anniversary as 9-5 = 4. That doesn’t work for Mia. She does bake a lot so what better way to have a constant reminder than using this spoon mix up things.

Thanks for reading,


3 Comments Add yours

  1. stasia:) says:

    Aw, that is super sweet:) The mixing spoon, I mean. Happy much-belated anniversary! 🙂

    1. Onrhodes says:

      Thanks. I like to surprise her every now and again.

  2. stasia2015 says:

    Also, I like your new blog look! 🙂

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