COVID-19 Wk 48: Snow, Sleet and Freezing Rain

It is fairly simple to stay socially distant and avoid crowds when your whole region comes to a standstill due to a wonderful mixture of snow, sleet and freezing rain. Traveling anywhere that wasn’t absolutely necessary the past few days was the smart choice. That is pretty much what Mia and I have done since Thursday night when this precipitation mess started.

2021 snow sleet freezing rain
Early Saturday morning

I skipped out of the office a bit early on Thursday to work the rest of the day from home. Weather forecasts were calling for freezing rain and snow to start falling midday and I was hoping to avoid any sort of travel delays between Trimet and the short drive home from the end of the line.

While the New Hampshire native in me scoffs at 2-3″ of snow, the truth of the matter is Oregon is horrible at dealing with it. Toss in the fact that it started out as freezing rain Thursday night changed to snow Friday into Saturday and back to sleet and freezing rain on Sunday and the roads are one big rutted mess right now.

B-Street trail early on Saturday morning

I’ve pointed out numerous times since moving to Oregon how poorly we deal with snow out here. The city I work for only has 3-4 plow capable vehicles. Here in Forest Grove it looks like they only plow the major arterial roads and totally skip the side streets. After all the yahoos drove around in the freeze, thaw, freeze cycle over the weekend the side roads have turned into slot car racetracks.

Trek Farley
Trek Farley: Right tool for the job

I did #optoutside on Saturday morning while the roads were still virgin snow. At that point we had maybe 4″ of snow that had fallen on top of 1/4″ of ice/sleet. It made for primo fat bike bike conditions on the roads, paths and even the small singletrack loop up in Thatcher Park. All in all I ended up with just over 90 minutes of tooling around town and having fun. Beat the hell out of working out inside I can tell you that much.

White lily biscuits
I made some biscuits on Saturday

It was a weekend of baking and hanging out at home. Early Saturday I whipped up some White Lily Biscuits for breakfast and also tried out some homemade dog treats for Codi. I love the biscuits for how light and fluffy they come out but not sure I will make these particular dog treats again. The batter is crumbly and not easy to work with. Codi likes them but I am going to continue searching for something else.

Dog treats
Dog treats: Oats, peanut butter, coconut flour & parsley

Then on Sunday for Valentines Day I made us this Cinnamon Roll Skillet Cake. Super simple and fairly decent. Not a show stopper by any means but a crowd pleaser none the less.

Cinnamon roll cake cast iron pan
Cinnamon roll cake cast iron pan
Eat then take picture

I’m just starting to get a bit of cabin fever. I did walk to/from Safeway to pick up dinner supplies for Sunday night. But other than that, walking the dog and my bike ride around town I haven’t strayed too far from the house since Thursday morning.

We both hope that the roads are in better shape today. Not sure how successful our grocery store trip will be today………I have a distinct feeling that the shelves are going to be hit pretty hard.

That’s about it for now.

Thanks for reading,

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  1. adventurepdx says:

    Yeah, the wet-side Pacific Northwest doesn’t know how to handle snow. That’s because it happens infrequently enough (and I’m happy for that!) But I actually enjoy the lack of preparation. In New England you’d still be expected to “get around” in the snow unless it was a true blizzard. I didn’t relish those snowy days that I’d drive thirty miles to get to work, because you couldn’t call in. Here no one expects you to do anything when it snows, and that includes shoveling, unfortunately.

    Emee and I actually trekked cross-town last night (family obligation.) By Sunday evening the constant freezing rain had built up a pretty good ice layer atop the snow. We survived, using grippers on shoes and hiking poles. The MAX was running on the way out, but unceremoniously quit before our return, so we had to walk even further to catch a bus.

    Of course, we saw too many people driving, and several stuck. I wish people would know enough to keep the car parked and figure out another method of getting around, or just don’t go out.

    Now I look out the window and it seems like The Great Thaw is starting in earnest. The ice took down a limb of one of the big trees across the street…

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