COVID-19 Wk 46 & 47: A Little Break

I sit down to write this just after watching Tom Brady win another Super Bowl (LV) in very convincing fashion. As a New Hampshire native and a lover of all New England sports it was nice to see the Buccaneers (AKA Patriots South) win. Brady, Gronk and Fournette are all former Patriots.

It is amazing that Brady still plays at the level that he does. In a sport where 300+ pound men try to rip your head off every game it is amazing that he can still function. It wasn’t the best play by the Kansas City Chiefs and the referees may have been a little one sided with the penalty calls in the first half. All in all it was a fun game to watch though.

Needed a little break

I didn’t post anything last week because I needed a little break. I’ve only missed two weeks in the 47 weeks and my level of “sick of this covid crap” has been pretty high the past few weeks. The other week was also fairly low key and I didn’t really have anything to comment on or write about. Other than a failed attempt at a Blood Orange Galette I didn’t do much. The weather was pretty crap last weekend too.

Blood orange galette
Blood Orange Galette: Looked good, tasted bitter

Peavine Loop

I have been riding a lot indoors since November. Any chance to get outside is taken, even if the weather is looking iffy. The middle of this week the forecast for Saturday was low 50’s and sunny. By Friday night that turned to drizzle and high 40’s with gusty winds. The thought of spending another weekend of doing intervals in the garage wasn’t appealing and I convinced Mark to join me for a new-to-me loop out of McMinnville I called simply the Peavine Loop. Officially on Ride with GPS it is called McMinnville Peavine Climb.

pavement early on Peavine Rd

This is another ride that is “just one hill” but that hill is ten miles long and gains over 1100′ in that time. From there it is a ripping descent and then flat with a couple rollers back to McMinnville.

This camper was a bit worse for the wear
scattered elk bones at the top of the climb

Mark and I started out in chilly and overcast conditions. It didn’t take long for us to climb up into the mist/drizzle and temps dropped. The climbing made it easy to stay warm though.

Clifford makes rides away from home easier

Being able to get changed into dry clothes in Clifford is for sure one of the fantastic benefits of owning a van like this. No dropping my skivvies in a random parking lot and freezing my butt off. instead I can get changed in the comfort and warmth of the van and not risk mooning anyone passing by.

The Peavine Loop was nice. I would have wished for more gravel/dirt road but I can’t complain. Outside of the city limits I would bet we were passed by 10 cars in almost 30 miles. There is so much potential out there to connect all sorts of mixed surface rides. I’m already planning out some more stuff that way for this spring.

Lee Falls via the backside

On Sunday John and I went on a nice loop from my house. I promised him a “secret” waterfall (more just not easy to get to). Mia and I have been here before on a run and I’ve ridden out here a few other times solo.

Lee Falls just outside of Cherry Grove

I accidentally found a back way into the falls from Stimson Mainline while trying to connect to something else. There is active logging going on at the top so the original group of logs I was looking for was no longer there and we missed it by about a half a mile initially.

That’s about it for now. Cold weather is coming in this week and maybe a chance for snow later this week. Could get interesting around here for a bit…….

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