COVID-19 Wk 55: Partially Vaccinated


I received my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine this past week. I wish I could express just exactly how freaking pleased I am with this. My second shot is three weeks out and then two weeks after that I hope to God that I am “good to go”.

My arm was pretty sore the next day, but, by the time I went to bed, it was much better. My informal querying of friends who have had both shots so far appears to confirm the potential for a bit more fatigue and perhaps nausea and general malaise after the second shot. Time will tell I guess.

Staying Local

I’m dying to get out on a bit of an adventure ride some time soon. Head to Bend or The Dalles or maybe something completely new for a weekend of riding. However, for the most part, my rides lately have been starting and finishing from the house. The weather is turning the corner too and things are starting to dry out a bit more. Sunset is approaching 8pm in the next few weeks which greatly increases the ability to ride after work during the weekdays.

Took the not so easy way to get here

From the house it’s about 11 miles on paved roads to get to the Hagg Lake. Taking the “less easy” (but perhaps more direct) way means following some old logging roads and climbing up to 1400′ before bombing down to the NW side of the lake. Both routes have their pluses and minuses. Today I opted for the not so easy way.

Just past the gate at the end of Carpenter Creek Road

It took me several attempts to find the herd path that connects Carpenter Creek Rd to the unamed Stimson Lumber logging road on the ridge above Forest Grove. Once you know where it is the connection is super easy.

Do you see the trail?

It was a bit cloudy today but I still got some great views of some of the cascade peaks.

Hazy view

On a good day you can see St. Helens, Hood, Adams and to the SE the tip of Jefferson.

Looking down towards Forest Grove
I’m starting to doubt if this thing ever moves

after dropping down to Hagg I headed clockwise on the singletrack that follows the lake. If you want to add 10ish miles to the ride you can can head counterclockwise for a lot more singletrack around the lake.

The go anywhere Salsa Timberjack

Happy Easter to everyone! Enjoy your day!

Thanks for reading,

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