We Interrupt the regular news……


Instead of writing about COVID (weeks 62 & 63 by the way) I am going to take a moment to acknowledge how my life drastically changed twenty years ago this week.

2018-01-14 2018 Methow Valley 006
My life is so much better with her in it

Mia and I met through Match.com. This was long before apps on your phone were a thing and you had to log in via the good old fashioned internet. At least it was DSL and not dial-up.

Hey there lady!

After a couple weeks of going back and forth through email messages I was finally able to score Mia’s phone number. Our first conversation happened to be on her birthday (I didn’t know that when I called her). We chatted for something close to four hours and made plans for a real live date on June 1st.

Kalaloch 023
The beach is her happy place

Mia was 45 minutes late to our first date. I was pretty sure I had been stood up…what I think the kids refer to as ghosted in today’s terms. Nope in hindsight she was just setting the tone/expectations going forward.

Are we there yet?

I remember what we both ordered on that first date and I remember staying up all night talking (yes just talking) at my apartment afterwards.

Painted Hills 027
So many adventures together

From moving in together just four months after we met, to getting married two days before she started her culinary degree, to moving across the country together for my new job. It’s been a fantastic twenty years.

McKenzie Pass

Thanks Mia for being you and for choosing to spend your life with me.

I Love You!!!


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  1. stasia:) says:

    awwww congrats you two ❤

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