COVID-19 Wk 64: Seventy Percent

Oregon’s governor has said she will lift most COVID restrictions in place once we hit 70% of the population with at least one vaccine shot. That looks like it could happen in the next 3-4 weeks if all goes to plan. My one and only comment about that is YIPPEE!!!!!

Strawberry Season

It’s strawberry season here in Oregon and the Hoods are totally fantastic right now. Mia bought a half flat on our way back from the coast last weekend and I ended up making some biscuits for strawberry shortcakes.

Waldport 2021
Strawberry shortcake

I used this recipe from White Lily for the shortcakes. Nice and light and fluffy, not too sweet either. We’ve been on a kick with coconut whipped cream from Trader Joes’s lately too.

Short write up this week. That’s about it.

Thanks for reading,


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  1. stasia:) says:

    oooh, I just made strawberry shortcake too, and James made us “whipped cream” from coconut cream kinda frozen + sugar whipped together. It was pretty amazing 🙂 I ❤ strawberry season:)

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