COVID-19 Wk 65: Prepping


My big event for 2021 is just under a week away. I’m riding the Skull 120 next week and as good or bad as my training has gone there isn’t much more I can do now in the case of fitness. All I can do now is focus on prepping and making sure my bike is ready.

I spent this weekend topping off the sealant in the wheels, putting new cleats on my shoes, making sure the drivetrain is clean and operating well and adding a few more water and food carrying options.

I personally refuse to say I am racing this event. I am riding it, pure and simple. I’ve got a goal time in mind and don’t plan on lollygagging the pace. In the long run it’s a ride about what can I do.

I really don’t want to carry a hydration pack. Good thing my Salsa Cutthroat has plenty of water carrying capabilities though. I think 3 bottles should get me between all of the aid stations. I added the top tube bag for food storage and backup battery for my GPS if required.

Dynaplug, CO2 x2, mini tool, tire lever, chain pliers, patch kit and small chainbreaker and tube (not shown) will all go in my Revelate Designs Shrew seatbag. Stuffed in there too will be a Gore Shakedry and maybe an emergency poncho/space blanket.

I’ve started planning my food an hydration approach. The goal will be around 250-300 calories an hour. I’ll be mixing energy bars and real food into the mix along with water and “magic juice” in my bottles. I did splurge on some pop tarts for their calorie dense and easy to carry design. More than likely I’ll have a PB&J stuffed in my jersey pockets too. Since I have no idea what will be on offer at the aid stations I am trying not to rely too much on those. I kind of hope for some salty chips or similar.

Other little things I plan on bringing are sun screen, phone (mostly for pictures), lip balm and ???? I’ve still got a few days to think about it.

Clifford the Big Red Van

Clifford the Big Red Van got a few simple modifications with a couple 3M Command Strips added for hanging coats or towels. We picked up an additional seven gallon water jug too. Tossed in some maps of the Steens Mountain area for potential sidetrips and the ever present Oregon Benchmark Road Atlas.

That’s about it for now.

Thanks for reading,

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