Kinda Back to Normal (sorta)


I haven’t posted anything since Oregon “reopened”. Honestly I’ve been a bit busy actually resuming something resembling a pre-covid life. I’m not going bonkers but I am sure as heck enjoying a little bit of me time and getting out and about.

Bikepacking overnight
Doing some tent camping
Bikepacking overnight
Quick overnight to Stub with John

Also finally got around to putting the additional wool insulation from Havelock into Clifford the Big Red Van.

And lastly I did a little solo trip out to Waldo Lake. Mia wanted to come but some work issues prevented her from being able to go with me.

Site #20 at North Waldo CG

This isn’t my first time to Waldo lake. Mia and I went back in 2017 and Dean and I went in 2019. Since I had now done the Waldo Lake loop twice (I prefer it clockwise) I decided it was time for something different. I mapped out a loop to the east that would take in a bunch of new to me stuff.

Intersection of Betty Lake & Waldo Lake trail

The Betty Lake trail had just enough blowdowns to keep you on your toes. There were some tricky sections but nothing that ruined the ride.

sporadically this
Sometimes this……..

Then it was a brief stint on the Bobby Lake trail before veering off onto the Twins Connector.

Waldo, Betty, Bobby……..

The initial part of the connector wasn’t too bad. However once crossing the Pacific Crest Trail the climbing was pretty darn steep at moments. The climb tops out just over 6900′ in elevation with some views of the Sisters, Mt Bachelor and others.

Waldo Lake weekend
The Twins Summit

From here down to the Metolius-Windgo was quite fun and made me really happy that I opted to bring the full suspension bike!

More downed trees

Finally I came to the Charlton Lake Trail which was actually quite nice. Charlton Lake itself is very quaint and worth a bit more exploration next time we come up this way.

Charlton Lake

The ride itself was only 18 miles but packed in over 2400′ of elevation gain. I ran into a COTA trail crew clearing the Met-Win of downed trees just before the Charlton Lake turnoff. I made sure to thank them profusely for their work as they let me pass through. It reminds me that I have to get in a trailwork weekend sometime this year.

Waldo Lake weekend
Spent a good part of the day here reading

As much as I enjoy these little solo adventures I can also fully admit that I much prefer Mia (and Codi) along on these trips. The goal right now is for the three of us to get back up here in the fall for a weekend of hiking, SUPing, and relaxing.

Quickie jaunt on Sunday morning

Before heading back home I took a quick ride out to the rocky outcropping on the north end of the lake. There are great views back towards the campground here and there is just something about riding through the burnt forest that I really enjoy.

Niner Jet9 in 27.5×2.8 mode

I was on the road by 10:30 and made decent time home. I opted to take 99W all the way from Eugene to McMinmville instead of I-5. Truth be told it is a lot more pleasant of a ride and not really significantly longer. Normally we’d cut over at Woodburn through Newberg but taking 99W into Mcminnville and then coming in the back way to Carlton to pick up 47 really was more enjoyable.

That is about it for now.
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