Who Did Not See This Coming?

On June 30th the Oregon Governor lifted most COVID restrictions. Since then Oregon has seen a steady (if not better described as exponential) growth of COVID cases. Needless to say anyone with half a brain could have seen this coming. Fourth of July parties commenced, people gathered maskless and too many of them remain unvaccinated. Now nationwide COVID cases are surging. Florida had over 21,000 cases just last Friday!

I’m still baffled that so many people are hesitant to get the vaccine. Even worse that so many people have turned it into a political argument. It’s science people. Being Democrat or Republican doesn’t determine if you can get the virus. It does however seem to indicate to an alarming degree whether or not you believe science or conspiracy theories.

I’m in kind of a foul mood about the whole thing because my nephew got married this past weekend back in my home state of New Hampshire. I’m generally not a paranoid person, but I couldn’t bring myself to fly back east. First thing is I don’t want to get on a plane with a bunch of strangers, masks or no masks. Second I don’t feel it is wise at this point to mix with a large group of people from the other side of the country. You know what? If more people got vaccinated then perhaps the Delta variant wouldn’t be spreading like wildfire across the country. Maybe we could have been in a better place. Instead we’ve got the probability of the virus mutating again and into something even more contagious. Dipshits!!!!!

Have I bitched enough?

Cannon Beach
Social distancing at the beach


Last weekend Mia, Codi and I headed to the beach to escape some low 90 degree temps back home. Even though it’s only about an hour to get there the temperature can easily be 25-30F cooler on the coast. We hadn’t been to the coast since May and I felt it was way past time to get out there again.

Cannon Beach
Cloudy and cool at the coast

Mia and I also have a short camping trip coming up in a few weeks. Assuming no wildfires erupting in our destination area it should be a pleasant weekend on a lake with some great mountain biking also available right from the campground.

Waldo Lake weekend
Another Clifford trip coming up

That’s about it for my thoughts for now. I felt the need to complain a bit and also realized I hadn’t written anything in a couple weeks too.


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