Opt Outside

I won’t rail against capitalism and I won’t preach about where I think you should or should not spend your own money. What I will tell you is that Mia and I kept the post-Thanksgiving hiking tradition alive for 2021.

Not sure what is going on here….

I don’t remember when we started this personal trend. It has been at least 15 years that instead of going to spend money on Black Friday we head out into the woods and get away from everything.

Cool and damp for 2021

With a forecast calling for rain coming in early afternoon and a somewhat lazy morning on our part we made the short trip up to LL Stub Stewart State Park for a simple loop. The hilltop parking lot was rather sparse with cars when we arrived around 11AM. I was most certainly expecting a lot more cars at this point in the day.


We ended up doing about 4.5 miles and made it back to the van just as it was starting to sprinkle rain. The parking lot was also a lot more filled than when we started our hike.

We spent Thanksgiving as just the three of us hanging out for the day. While we both certainly miss our families back in New Hampshire there is also a, not so small, part of us that enjoys not having to run all over creation during the holidays.

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