Happy Birthday Clifford

It was one year ago this week that I flew out to Colorado Springs, CO to pick up our new van from Wayfarer Vans. I spent two nights and two and a half days driving back to Oregon with Clifford the Big Red Van.

First night ever in Clifford was boondocking in a Walmart Parking lot

In the past year we have put just under 9,000 miles on Clifford with 1,500 miles of that being just the drive back from Colorado. About 2,000 miles on our Burns/Reno trip and probably another 1,500-1,700 on our week long vacation in September.

Skull hollow
Skull Hollow Campground

I’ve spent twenty one nights and Mia has fourteen sleeping in Clifford. We’ve used Clifford for day trips to the beach, a base of operations for bike rides and a decent number of Home Depot/Lowes runs with just a little commuting since selling the Subaru Outback.

Jackery 1000 Watt battery

In the past twelve months we’ve done some minor tweaking to the van and added some additional items that don’t come with the base package.

blanket and lighting
Shoe organizers make for great additional storage
Bike storage
homemade bike storage
nice little upgrade

We also had the muffler and resonator stolen off the van while we were hiking up in the Gifford Pinchot area. I still think the morons thought they got the catalytic converter but had no idea what they were looking for.

Mia has said she is never sleeping in a tent again! I cannot say the same thing but having the van has greatly increased our camping this past year. I don’t think Mia and I did any camping as a couple in 2019 or 2020.

Rhodes Trip 2021
Codi seems to enjoy #vanlife
Suttle Lake weekend
Skull hollow
No more tent for this girl

For future Rhodes Trips I’d like to do a road trip to visit Mia’s cousin in San Francisco, get back down to Crater Lake, do a loop of the Olympic Peninsula, drive across the country to New Hampshire to see family! More exploring of Oregon and Washington in general.

It’s been a good year with some great memories. I look forward to going new places and doing new things with Mia and Codi for as long as we can.

Skull hollow
My adventure crew

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