COVID-19 Wk 37: Freaking Thieves

There is a bit of a running “joke” at work that I don’t like people. Mostly because I say it often enough. The truth is it is a bit more nuanced than that. I equate it to my New Hampshire upbringing. In general I’d say New Englanders are a bit more stoic and we tend to be wary of strangers. It takes some time for me to warm to new people and I don’t generally give my trust to people right away.

Catalytic converter theft
Jackass thieves cut out part of our exhaust.

Mia and I #optoutside every year after Thanksgiving by going for a hike. We like to get away from crowds and just go for a walk in the woods. We found an easy hike along the river just east of Cougar, Washington. We were only gone for 3 hours and in that time some asshole(s) cut out part of our exhaust system on Clifford the Big Red Van. We’ve literally had the van for three weeks and some dickhead comes along and damages it.

The thieves were more than likely after the catalytic converter on the van. Because of the precious metals in your catalytic converter, thieves can get a few hundred dollars from a scrap yard for one. I blame the scrap yards as much as the thieves. Doesn’t it seem odd if people are bringing these in for cash. Especially in the case of our van where it would have looked brand spanking new.

Turns out the dipshits who came after our van didn’t even get the catalytic converter. They cut out the resonator and part of the tailpipe and damaged some of the heat shield. They also nicked the gas tank. The current recommendation from the repair shop is to replace the tank…..the van is only 3 weeks old!!!! Now the debating with insurance company commences. At the very least we are without the van for about two weeks now.

Needless to say Mia and I are quite pissed off. I’d also like to take a moment and reiterate….I hate people!

Hiking with my favorite two.
Thanksgiving weekend

New Bike Day

In other news I sold my Niner RLT and bought a Niner Jet9 frame. I ride the Salsa Cutthroat way more than the RLT and I had quite a few mountain bike parts lying around. I had to buy a fork, front wheel, stem and dropper post on top of the frame. The rest of the stuff I already had kicking around.

Thanksgiving weekend
Niner Jet9 with 27.5+ wheels

I’m a proponent of 27.5 wheels for us short people. I also like wide tires. My background in mountain biking is predominantly XC oriented. My last full suspension bike was a 2006 Cannondale Rush. Needless to say technology has progressed significantly in that time. 140mm front fork, 120mm of rear travel. The bike is geared more towards Trail riding and less towards XC racing. With one ride under my belt now I need some more time dialing in the suspension settings. The bike feels great though. My only two quibbles at this point are pedal strikes due to the low bottom bracket. Also not sure I am a huge fan of the Fox Transfer post. I cannot get the nose of the saddle any further down and it is a smidge away from my preferred angle. I may eventually switch out the post for a Oneup Dropper.

Thanksgiving weekend
Marzocchi Bomber Z2 140mm fork
Thanksgiving weekend
Shimano XT rear. Eventually get an 11-46 cassette over the current 11-42

So that’s about it for now.

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