COVID-19 Wk 36: Where Do We Go From Here

In COVID news: over 1,500 new COVID cases reported yesterday and 7 new deaths. Thanksgiving is just days away and I’m saying it now, within a week of Turkey Day, we will be over 2,500 cases. It seems inevitable at this point.

I also read that ranch sales are booming across the west. The whole idea of having a large plot of land and being away from people sounds perfect to me. With work from home way more acceptable right now it kind of makes sense.

My work has also “encouraged” any employees who are having Thanksgiving gatherings at their place or attending at somebody else’s place to please work from home for at least one week after. We cannot make them but we can strongly encourage it.

Decking out Clifford

Smoke ranch
Two weeks now with Clifford
Flannel sheets from Freddie Meyer ($15!!!)
Working on setting up the kitchen
tons of room

I am plenty impressed with how much space the kitchen vanity has. I’ve just started to kind of figure out what I want to stuff in there. I do need to get some shelf liners to keep things from sliding around. So far though I got cutting boards, plates, silverware, salt/pepper, cups, coffee grinder, pour over, kettle, etc


Now we just need to get some sort of quilt or blanket for the bed. I did put an inexpensive 2″ foam latex on top of the standard mattress before putting the new sheets on. After sleeping on it for two nights during the drive back I felt it was a bit firm, not horrible, but it could use some help.

2″ of squish

lastly I added a little lighting that runs off a small portable power pack. It is a Luminoodle that I got several years ago and we would take camping with us for use in the tent.

Setting the mood

That’s about all the exciting stuff going on right now… other words life is pretty mellow right now. I’ve got no complaints about that right now.

Smoke ranch
John airing down the tires as the road gets chunky

I also got out for the always fun Dixie Mountain to Smoke Ranch loop with John today. We didn’t quite miss the rain. It was drizzling rather well as we came down Pumpkin Ridge and back towards North Plains. All in all the conditions were pretty good considering how wet it has been. I barely had to hose off the bike when I got home.

Temps were in the low to mid 30’s after we got out of North Plains. Given how much climbing this is on this loop it was quite easy to stay warm though.

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  1. stasia:) says:

    heh. I’ve been teasing James that he’s “feathering his nest” since he keeps making changes and upgrades to our upstairs room that he’s using as an office these days. You and Mia are definitely feathering your super sweet camper nest! Very exciting! 🙂

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