COVID-19 Wk 38: Doing our thing

I predicted the other week that Oregon would exceed 2,500 cases within a week of Thanksgiving. I was only a day off and a couple hundred cases off. I can’t say I’m surprised. People will preach to others about social distancing, staying local, limiting chances of exposure, etc. But in the true American way when you ask them to curtail their own plans they balk at that idea. (Yeah, I sound a bit cynical right now).

I’m also a bit cranky because I’m dealing with the B.S. of insurance and the damage to Clifford. I submitted photos via our insurer’s phone app and they come back with an estimate of $480. The local Ram dealer is giving me a quote of $1,300 to $2,300 (if we replace gas tank too). So now the back and forth with insurance has begun and I find it very tedious. I hope to have things settled by the middle of this coming week but even then it will be 7-10 days more without Clifford as they order the parts. Grrrrrrr……….

Did I also mention that Mia has been dealing with Shingles since Thanksgiving!?!? I had food poisoning back in 1997-98 time frame. I always said I’d never wish it on my worst enemy…..well shingles has now taken the top spot! Mia’s been a trooper, but holy cow!


2020 Christmas
Banks Fire Dept often has humorous signage

I’m trying to focus on the positive things. Christmas season happens to be Mia’s most favorite time of the year. She has been feeling better this weekend so we went to pick out our tree from Schmidlin Farms. Family run business, up on a hill, tons of trees to choose from. Just a fun time.

2020 Christmas
2020 Christmas tree
2020 Christmas
Mia likes her lights
2020 Christmas
interrupt this blog post for a moment of cuteness
2020 Christmas
2020 Christmas
19 days until Santa comes

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