Sisters Weekend


Finally! A weekend with nice weather. Long overdue after the ridiculously wet spring we’ve been having.

View from our rental house

Mia texted me on Monday and said she wanted to get away for the weekend to Sisters. Who am I to argue with that request? We totally lucked out and the house that we have rented a few times in Tollgate just happened to be available after a last minute cancellation.

Our rental house in Tollgate

It just happens to have been far toooo loooong since Mia and I got away for a weekend trip. I’ve been itching to get away for quite a few weeks now. It’s been hard to squeeze in some time with Rhodes Trip 2022 just around the corner. I’ve been doing van projects and Mia has either been working on COVID stuff for work on the weekends or doing homework for the human resources classes she has been taking. So again, when the wife says “let’s go away this weekend”, I am all over that.

We left just before 2pm on Friday and made decent time to Sisters. Traffic wasn’t too shabby which shocked us both. I believe we pulled into Sisters around 5:30pm. After a quick stop for groceries and then a long walk with Codi we made dinner and ended up chilling out for the evening reading our respective books.

We pooped him out on his pre-dinner walk
Where the heck am I supposed to sleep? Codi doesn’t seem to care.

The plan for Saturday was to bike to the top of McKenzie Pass like we did last year. The weather looked like it would be perfect for a long hill climb. Temps in the upper 50’s to start and topping out in the low 60’s. This was Mia’s second ride outside all year. She’s been doing a lot of Peloton spin classes in the garage. I don’t know how she does it. I need to be outside as much as possible.

Parked near Sisters Coffee to start the ride
Started the day with light jackets but bluebird sky

I think we were both expecting to see a lot more cyclists on the ride up. I didn’t really keep track of how many we passed or who passed us, but it was not a lot, maybe 25-30 total. We did see a lot more folks headed up the road as we descended back down to the car, that was around 12-12:30pm I think.

Huge props to this dad for towing the trailer and the little boy for riding all the way to the top
Future WorldTour Rider?

There was way more snow compared to last year’s ride. Even though the temp was around 63 as we approached the summit the air blowing across the snow was quite chilly.

McKenzie Pass 2022
Such a good ride with zero cars!
McKenzie Pass 2022
Riding bikes makes me wicked happy

On the way home on Sunday we swung by Suttle Lake for the very easy hike around the lake. We’re trying to get Codi back into some sort of respectable hiking shape after a fairly lazy winter. His latest vet appointment confirmed we need to shed a few pounds off his body.

Shuttle lake hike
Crappy views
Shuttle lake hike
Our twelve(ish) year old guy

Codi did well for his first hike since January. He got to swim as much as he wanted and now has that very distinct wet dog scent. It’s a smell that will always trigger very happy memories for me.

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