We are coming off the rainiest April on record here in Oregon. It’s been somewhat of a pain in the ass if I may be so blunt about it. Heck we even had snow earlier in the month that messed things up for a few days.

I’ve been squeezing in rides outside when I can and riding way too much indoors on the trainer (aka the torture machine). Commuting by bike took a downward trend during April. I even started to jog a bit here and there just to change things up (and I kinda hate running at this point in my life).

sticky buns
Been playing around with recipes too.
Sticky Buns from King Arthur Flour website made earlier in April
Made a quiche for lunches this week too.

The other thing that we’ve been doing is prepping for Rhodes Trip 2022. Not long now until we head out to visit family and friends. Along with the electrical system for Clifford I have also installed a table purchased from Wayfarer Vans and a bug net from The Bug Wall to keep the creepy crawlies and blood sucking bastards out too.

Wayfarer Vans Table install
Before the table install
Wayfarer Vans Table install
I couldn’t have built something that looked this “finished”
Wayfarer Vans Table install
About 15 minutes later

I had priced out building my own table. I came up with a number about 60% of the cost of the table that we purchased from Wayfarer Vans. I know for a fact though that with my mediocre woodworking skills that it wouldn’t have looked this nice. Would it have been functional? Yes, definitely. Just probably a bit ugly if I am honest. I know where my skills are (and aren’t).

Clifford before the bug wall install
After…..(after many curse words too)

The install on The Bug Wall video makes the whole process look simple. While not impossible and definitely rather straightforward it was a bit more of a headache/hassle than I was hoping for. I believe my first mistake was not buying clips strong enough to pinch the netting and weather stripping. All in all I would say it took me about 1:45. Hopefully it holds! We’ll definitely find out on the trip.

He makes it look simple enough

All campgrounds and other lodging have been booked. I’ve started mapping out a few “must see” things along the way too. My personal goal is to avoid highways when we can and take the more scenic routes. There will be a few days when we have to make some big miles for the day and will have to do highway but I hope that is kept to a minimum.

My other constant debate is which bike to bring. We can only bring one each. At first it was going to be the Ritchey Outback because it can do pavement, dirt roads and even light singletrack. But then I was researching Marquette, Michigan where we will be for a day and a half and realized I was going to have access to some very sweet singletrack. I will also be able to ride some of the trails and stuff from my old stomping grounds. So now I am leaning more towards the hardtail instead. Still not sure which bike Mia wants to bring.

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  1. adventurepdx says:

    I hear ya on this April. I managed the one Bike Overnight to Champoeg at the beginning of the month, when it got up to the mid-70s. Yet I was on the fence, because “it’s April! There’ll be more chances”. Ha! Glad I pushed myself, as I think there was only one other two-day dry period since, and I had other stuff going on.

    And it doesn’t look like it’ll be very likely I can do anything this month. I go out of town for a week on Wednesday, then come back for ten days, then go out of town on Memorial Day weekend. Maybe if there’s a nice bit later in the month and I’m not too busy…

  2. Awesome that you are heading to Mqt. Ex Wildcat too. Definitely bring your mtn bike. Not sure if have Copper Harbor on your loop but another mecca to hit if in the UP. Waiting for our van right now to join the Wayfarer group.

  3. Sandra says:

    Just a shout out from a fellow Oregonian (Gaston area) who is this close >< to taking the next WV step. Saw Carlton Bakery on the list below, our weekend guilty pleasure. Also, award-winning Decadent Creations in Hillsboro. Rain, grateful but …

    1. Onrhodes says:

      If Carlton wasn’t so far from my work we’d live there in a heartbeat. Love that town. We were in Decadent Creations two weekends ago too. If you haven’t I highly suggest Slow Rise here in FG too. Let me know if you ever want to see the van in person.

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