Nuthin Much

Please consider much of this post a chance to bitch about work, weather and everything else that conspires to keep me from doing all the stuff I’d rather be accomplishing.

From my 100 mile ride in March

As we close in on the middle of April I have to make one thing very clear, the weather this year has sucked. I am approaching 2,000 miles of bike riding since January 1st but less than 500 of that has actually been outdoors. I don’t think I have ridden outside two consecutive days more than once this year….maybe twice.

Taken in December but still seeing this view too much
Test ride before my first race of 2023

It is April 10th as I write this and there is still snow lingering in the upper elevations of the hills around Forest Grove. In the 10 years Mia and I have lived out here this is a first. The first time I rode Nestucca River Road it was in the 60’s and that was in February of 2016.

Trails are wet and muddy

I have been racing my bike a couple times now. First was out in Echo, OR and it was chilly but sunny. Then down in Blodgett it was cold, wet and even had some sleet/hail. These have been my first races since 2019. It’s been a bit ugly. My climbing stinks right now, probably has to do with the new bike and not really having a chance to fully dial it in. Both races I felt good in the technical sections but something was off. I have now lowered my saddle a wee bit twice, but need to get out a few more times to really see how it feels….that of course goes back to me bitching about the weather. I can’t get in a good mountain bike ride because all the trails are sloppy. I think the only option is going to be heading several hours east until we find dry ground.

Work has been a bit crazy lately too. My boss retired last year. He was with the organization for close to 30 years (in the same role). We then hired his replacement who is, naturally, doing things differently. Many things have flowed down to myself and the other managers in the office that our boss used to do (right or wrong on his part). I won’t say it has been chaotic but it sure has been challenging at times. I like my job and I like the people I work with. There are days when I am exhausted though.

Some days my life has felt like this poor bridge

Not all is doom and gloom. Mia and I are both healthy (minus her recent sinus infection) and happy. Codibob is doing well, and we have a long weekend away planned soon. On the “dry side” of the cascades.

He’s fine, even just staring at walls

I’ve got family coming into town for a quick overnight stay at the end of this month too. See, not all is crap. I can focus on the good.

Anyways, this post was more a chance to let my two fans know that I am still alive. With a little luck, and a change in the weather pattern, posts should be picking up again.

Thanks for reading,


3 Comments Add yours

  1. adventurepdx says:

    Yeah, I’m feeling you about the weather. When I’ve had a nice day sans obligations, I’ve tried to seize it. I’d like to do some bike camping, but dry days have not lined up with my availability. I’m hoping sometime this month…

    1. Onrhodes says:

      I’m kind of going stir crazy!

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