That’s More Like It

After bitching about the weather in my last post things have started to slowly improve.

Sister weekend
Sisters rental house in April

Mia and I had pre-booked an April weekend in Sisters months ago. Regardless of the weather on the west side of the Cascades you can be fairly certain that it will be dry on the east side. Ironically enough the weekend we were away it ended up being in the low 60’s and mostly sunny back in Forest Grove. I won’t complain though because I got to ride dry mountain bike trails and all three of us go to hike some dry stuff too.

Sister weekend
Riding the Peterson Ridge Trails
Sisters weekend
Nice and dry trails!
Sisters weekend
Dry trails, wet dog

One of the highlights of the spring so far has been Steve and Alison stopping by as they visited the PNW for a little vacation.

Dinner at Rock Creek Tavern

We ended up at our visitors visiting default of Rock Creek Tavern. Service was slow on this particular night but catching up with family is always good.

After an all too brief stay they were headed home and I was off to Newport, OR for another round of mountain bike racing.

Clifford the Big Red Van is a perfect race HQ

This is one of the exact reasons I wanted a van for the #vanlife thing. I was able to get a campsite just a few minutes from the race start. I didn’t have to drive down the morning of or spend a lot on a hotel.

Also working on a new (the latest) van project. I’ll be adding a rack to the top and exterior lights above the sliding door. I am awaiting the arrival of this rack from Uanka Gear Co. Probably do solar panels next summer. In the meantime, I took advantage of a nice weekend to start running the wires to a switch and the fuse box and then running the wires that will eventually connect to the light(s) outside…..more on that whole project in a later post.

Clifford exterior lighting project
This took longer than it should have

For the millionth time I will say that running wires in the van would be way easier if I had done it prior to the interior build out. Pulling down the cabinet, partially removing ceiling panels and routing through insulation makes the whole process much slower.

Clifford exterior lighting project
running wires between the seam in two ceiling panels

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