Becoming a Tradition

The Timothy Lake hike has become something of an unintentional annual fall tradition.  It’s our 5th fall living in Oregon and this is the third time we have hiked around the lake.  It’s not a difficult hike, yes it’s 13 miles, but there is only about 400′ of elevation in that 13 miles.  Not saying everyone should be able to do it, but with reasonable fitness and a chunk of time on your hands it is totally doable.


Started with little crater lake (like usual)

We like to park at Little Crater Lake Campground and add in the tiny version of the more well known crater lake.  It’s also usually quiet here since the campground is closed for the season, so that makes finding a parking spot pretty easy.

Pretty chilly and damp early on

It had rained pretty decently overnight and everything was just a bit damp and chilly.  We did get some hints of sunshine throughout the day but it still never got warmer than the low 60’s.

Little bit of fall foliage to view

We did not see anyone else hiking for the first 7 miles when we stopped for lunch.  A couple mountain bikers went by and a group of hikers going in the opposite direction passed by our dining spot.

Mia found this plesiosaur on the beach and returned him back to the water
nice pattern on this stump

I still need to get out here with the Farley to do a lap or two.  Could be pretty fun on the fat bike this time of the year.

Codi had plenty to keep him occupied
Mia searching for more dinosaurs

While we didn’t get any views of Mt. Hood this time around we did end up with pretty decent weather.  It was a great day to be outside!  Maybe next time we do the hike counterclockwise, you know, live on the edge!

Codi all fired up!

Thanks for reading!



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